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Lake Garda, the largest and brightest of the Italian lakes, with its unique climate, its "Limonaie" (lemon houses) and its shores, which are large and welcoming in the southern part, steep and mountainous in the windy northern part.

Lake Garda with its centuries-old olive trees, which give unique oil, full of sweet fragrance and of excellent quality...

Clear water, which allows swimming as well as all types of water sports.

Sailing, which finds its highest expression in the international race of Centomiglia"together with golf, played in numerous courses located among the hills, which offer great images of the lake.




Not to be missed nearby...

Luigi Wimmer, an illustrious personage of Austrian origin, decided to build the first hotel in Gardone Riviera, having drawn immense benefit from his stay in this poetic location.
Soon Gardone became an exclusive destination for tourists from all over Europe.

The great poet Gabriele D'Annunzio decided to live in this area, erecting the Vittoriale citadel on the hills behind it.The eclectic mix of heterogeneous buildings and styles is suspended in an atmosphere of times gone by.

From 1943 to 1945, Gardone was the theater of the Social Republic, ceding its historic buildings to the various offices of government ministries.

Time has given further charm to this place with an ancient flavor, where narrow alleys wind between charming villas and sumptuous gardens.
Nature and art merge to create unique and particularly interesting settings, such as the fabulous Villa Alba and the original Hruska botanical garden.

The particularly mild climate makes a stay in Gardone Riviera extremely pleasant throughout the year. 

Garda offers a dense network of naval transport including a fleet of twenty units and numerous lines that cross the lake waters every day.

Fast and modern hydrofoils, quiet motorboats, or ancient and characteristic paddle steamers, depending on the needs, accompany the visitor to the most interesting and picturesque places:

  • Malcesine
  • Sirmione
  • Riva del Garda
  • Limon
  • Torri del Benaco

On board you will be able to enjoy the sparkling air typical of Garda, admiring from a new and different viewpoint the innumerable beauties that the great lake reserves for its visitors.

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In 1921, the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio settled in Gardone Riviera in what was then 'Villa Cargnacco', which the poet later transformed into the monumental complex of the Vittoriale degli Italiani. The eclectic composition retains all the splendor of its origins, offering the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in another world, almost as if to cross the thoughts and fantasies of the original artist from Pescara.

In this magical place, visitors may admire the Prioria, D'Annunzio's personal home, the Puglia Ship, the Mausoleum where the Vate is buried in the center. There are the MAS, the cars, gardens and the open-air Amphitheater that hosts numerous performances of prose, music and dance every summer.


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Botanical Garden

In this splendid scenery, nature and art merge and create a unique environment in which to embark on a sensory journey to rediscover harmony in body and spirit.

In addition to the attractive vegetation, the large and well-kept park also hosts sculptures by major, internationally renowned artists and, in summer, becomes a charming setting for contemporary art events and happenings.

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Playing golf on Lake Garda is a unique experience for every player thanks to the beautiful golf courses designed particularly to blend with the various faces of the typical Lake Garda landscape. The courses are playable all year round and present a challenge for both beginners and fans.

The Hotel Villa del Sogno is located in a strategic position, a short distance from the five most renowned golf courses on Lake Garda.
Each field/course has its own peculiarities and characteristics that make this sport always fun and exciting.


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